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SabreCoachKate podcast

Mar 8, 2018

David Sierra started fencing at Texas A&M when he needed a PE credit and didn’t want to sign up for Advanced Weightlifting or Aerobic Power-walking. Since then, he has worked his way up the referee ranks and is currently the co-owner of Cutting Edge Fencing Center, a Sabre-only club, near Fort Worth, Texas. Listen as he describes what the fencing world was like back when he started in the 90s and the changes he has helped bring to our sport as both a tournament organizer and a member of the US Fencing Board of Directors. He’ll also talk about what it’s like to start your own fencing club and offers advice to anyone looking to do the same.

Important note: yes, David is my beloved husband. We both decided to pursue this interview from an impersonal, impartial journalistic perspective as much as possible and not as a married couple. This is HIS story, not ours.

Tune in today to hear what David Sierra, an up and coming Sabre coach, club owner, and referee has to say about the history and the future of fencing.