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SabreCoachKate podcast

Jun 15, 2017

Thank you for joining me for episode three of the SabreCoachKate podcast. In this interview, you'll hear about the experiences of Olympian Iris Zimmerman Nowack and her exciting evolution from cute four year old in patent leather shoes to fencing Olympian to club owner and coach.

I originally interviewed Iris a month ago. In light of her disappointment about losing the opportunity to fence the Women's Foil Team event at her Olympics because of the introduction of Women's Sabre, I followed up with her yesterday to get her perspective about last week's announcement that all fencing team events will take place in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Stay tuned at the end of the interview for those comments.

The sound quality on this one isn't what I had hoped for. Sorry! Still trying to figure out how to record over video chat.