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SabreCoachKate podcast

Jul 1, 2019

Nikki Franke began her illustrious fencing career her last year in high school; she really enjoyed the combative mental aspect of it and threw herself in wholeheartedly. She attended Brooklyn College and trained with Denise O’Connor. Eventually the two became Olympic teammates. Desirous of a graduate degree, she went to Temple University to serve as the TA of fencing thanks to prodding from another great American fencer: Sharon Everson; eventually she became the Head Coach there. She holds many titles and honors; perhaps the greatest one being Fencing Legend with a capital “F” and “L”.

Listen as Dr. Franke explains the need for more fencing exposure for inner city youth. She’ll explain how training for the Olympics back then differed from today. You’ll hear what she looks for in a recruit and her vision for a college-level fencing team. She’ll also give advice on how an athlete should choose which college to attend. And she’ll regale you with stories from driving through the blizzard at the Richmond NAC with her Team as well as tell you their favorite part about traveling together.

This is an interview you do not want to miss!