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SabreCoachKate podcast

Jun 8, 2017

Thank you for joining me today for Episode Two of the SabreCoachKate podcast. Today you'll hear a conversation I had with Roberto Sobalvarro. He is full of surprises. He came to fencing in an unusual way, playing tennis during his young life then taking up fencing on a dare. After graduating from college, he decided to take a job as a high school fencing coach instead of the law school path he had originally planned for himself.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was his climb to the pinnacle of coaching in our sport: He was the Women's Epee Coach at the 2012 Olympics and helped them take home the only medal the US would receive in fencing at those Games. He is now the head coach at the Twin Cities Fencing Club in St. Paul, Minnesota and has been involved in fencing for over 35 years. In recognition for all his accomplishments, ro will be inaugurated into the Hall of Fame this year.